DPJ 182: Multimedia Platform Practices

Student Name:Alexis Carlo A. Corpuz

Assignment Number: A3; Date submitted: November 8, 2015

Assignment:  Progress Report

Story Title: Effigy

To be able to tell a story, any story, one has to be able to connect not only with the reader but also the subject. To be able to connect to a subject, one must be able to establish rapport and for someone to be able to do all of these, access is needed. Unfortunately, as i wrote in my previous entry, i was not able to establish access. With a deadline looming, i decided to change topics.

The new topic that i have decided to make a multimedia story on is the effigies used for protest rallies in Manila. With the upcoming APEC Forum coming up, i feel that this is a timely topic as there will definitely be plenty of protest rallies during the four days that the forum will be held.

Since i am a photojournalist correspondent for a broadsheet, the  groups and organisations participating in the protests already know me, and as such, acquiring access was a breeze. they said that they have not yet started making the effigies but they will start working on it sometime next week. i will be posting updates both here and in Blackboard during the next few days.


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