Research for Multimedia project

DPJ 182: Multimedia Platform Practices

Student Name:Alexis Carlo A. Corpuz

Assignment Number: A2; Date submitted: November 1, 2015

Assignment:  Research for Multimedia project

Story Title: Swerte (tagalog for luck)

My topic is about the fortune tellers of Quiapo. They are usually found with their tarot cards in front of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene which is colloquially known as Quiapo Church. I think that this topic is interesting because even if the majority of Filipinos are Catholic, many still believe in fortune telling. In Catholicism, fortune telling is frowned upon and some Catholics even see it as a violation of the First Commandment which is “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have any gods before me.”

My angle would be why these fortune tellers decide to set up camp in front of one of the more famous Catholic churches in manila and if they are Catholics. I would also like to explore the sociological concepts at work and how they mix their belief in Catholicism and these Tarot cards.

While it seemed to me that my topic would be simple enough, it appears that interviewing these fortune tellers is easier said than done. They are very apprehensive and as such I am finding it difficult to talk to them, much less interview and photograph them. If by this week I am still not able to establish rapport, I am afraid I will have to change topics.


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