The State of Photojournalism in the Philippines

I think the state of Photojournalism in the Philippines is generally good but there are also things that need to be changed. One of the positive developments of photojournalism is that there are new, young, and passionate photojournalists in the mainstream and old media because of they were exposed to and by new media from the internet such as blogging websites and social media.

I believe that these people should not be considered a threat and should be welcomed with open arms because they provide a fresh perspective to photojournalism. They are also more social media savvy which allows them disseminate information faster and with a bigger sphere of influence.

Another positive is that these photojournalists generally do not see photojournalism as a job but as a passion. They do not do it for the money. Instead, they genuinely want to serve the country through photojournalism. Also, since they are not doing it for the money, they are less likely to take bribes from unethical people. These new photojournalists are also unaware of and do not participate in the “bad habits” that some of the older and less honest elders have. I am not saying all older photojournalists are dishonest. On the contrary, most of them inspired the new ones to take up photojournalism in the first place. What I am saying is that the arrival of new blood will hopefully weed out the dishonest and unethical ones. Indeed, these new photojournalist are idealistic and I hope that they stay that way.

The negative aspect of photojournalism in the country that I think is still prevalent today is the lack of personal vision from the photojournalists. They always aim to take the most dramatic photograph which is not necessarily truthful. Also, the photographs taken by these people are so formulaic. They merely copy the photographs they see from other countries and so the pictures end up becoming cliché and do not contribute to the growth of photojournalism in the Philippines.